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Providing Laboratory Information Systems Since 1987

There's nothing that gives us more pleasure than helping our client facilities become more successful by helping them manage their laboratory and patient information.  We pride ourselves in the "personal touch" and try to go above and beyond to provide software and support that is unrivaled in the healthcare industry. With over 30 years of experience we still delight in building innovative, intuitive software to keep our clients on the cutting edge of clinical software technology.

We see you as our partners in success because your success is our success. We work to provide solutions through our innovative software products and assist you with our excellent support services in order for you to excel and thrive as a business that in turn helps others.  

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Custom Labels


Do you need a specialized application or solution to satisfy a gap in your products or offerings? Let us design, test, document and package a Custom or Private Label solution for you. 

Specialized Training


We can provide specialized training for a variety of technical topics and scenarios including HL7 Interfaces, protocol conversions, custom interfaces and application development approaches.  

Unique Options


If you can think it, we can design it. 

We have acquired expertise in a great many specialized fields including but not limited to: Microbiology, Toxicology, 

Genetics, Veterinarians, 

Hospital & Outpatient  Laboratories


Job Applicants

We recruit all of our employees from our local area, without exception. We do not allow working "remotely", ever. If you like, you MAY submit your resume to If we have an appropriate opening and if we are interested, we will contact you. 

Investment Firms and Business Brokers

Clinical Software Solutions is Not For Sale. We've been a successful small company since the early 90's. We LIKE being small. We don't want to be your partners, subjects or a subsidiary. We don't want or need your capital, expertise, guidance or suggestions, so while we appreciate your interest, please do not waste your time and ours by asking for a meeting or conference call. 


If we need your services, we will contact you. The best way to NOT get our business is to deluge us with spam emails or un-solicited phone calls.

Contractors - Local or Off-Shore

 We do NOT utilize outside contractors, ever. 


Clinical Lab Products

CLP Digital Edition February 2019

CLP Digital Edition February 2019

Clinical Software Solutions is covered in the 

Tech Guide LIMS, LIS and Operational Middleware Pages 22 - 23 and 25



CAP TODAY Online November 2018

 Clinical Software Solutions is covered in the  Products Guide in section available for user to compare laboratory software

Medical Lab Management


Medical Lab Management   

 December 2019

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