CLIN1 Custom HL7


HL7 interfaces built for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health info

We give you the software tools to measure and monitor your interface operation and performance. Your operation and processes cannot help but get better and more efficient.    

Benefit From Experience

Fast, Efficient and Simple   

Decrease "data entry" burden   

Decrease the number of typographical errors   

Automate and speed communications    

Financially Responsible

 Affordable Service Agreements

Charge collection and transmission functions for integration with Financials  

Discounts for Nursing and Other Clinical Education Programs

Competitive Pricing  

Endless Options

HL7 Laboratory Orders   

HL7 Radiology/Imaging Orders   

PACS Communications  

Pharmacy & Medication Orders   

Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)   

Continuity of Care Records (CCR)   

HL7 Charge Communications   

HL7 Scheduled Events   

HL7 Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT)   

HL7 Medication Administration Record (MAR)    


Where is your data stored and who has access to it? 

What kind of liability does this create for your institution? 

How many people have access to it and who are they?

CLIN1 Offers 

Built-in Audit Trails for system access, chart access and activities

Built-in Quality Assurance functions

Generates PDF Documents for processing by Electronic Document Filing Systems

Unlimited Users (both Licensed and Unlicensed) with built-in multi-level security

Improve patient safety and Speed up patient care with electronic orders