Laboratory Information Services


We've been providing Laboratory Information Systems and Clinical Laboratory Software to our client facilities since 1987. Whether integrated or stand-alone, we have the tools and capabilities you need to provide outstanding service to your customers where, when and how they need it.


Software for Every Environment

Whether your laboratory is in a Clinic, Hospital, Reference, Research, Prison or Veterinary facility, we have software tools, systems and configurations that will help make you and your staff more productive and efficient and will help you deliver a better end-product to your clients. 

Function Based Technology

Using easy to manage and easy to configure Microsoft Windows technology along with off the shelf components for analyzer interfaces, we help keep your overhead low and your options and through-put high; all without breaking your budget. Industry standard SQL Server technology assures that your information is secure, but accessible where and when it is needed. Designed with a platform that scales based on your business needs 

Billing Report Generation

It doesn't matter how well your operation runs if you can't get paid. We have on-demand billing report generation available to ensure that all charges associated with your completed samples are appropriately tracked and posted to a billing system. Interoperability - use our experience to help simplify your interface to a billing system of your choice. 

Software Tools

We also have standalone Laboratory Software applications for Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), Phlebotomist Route and Scheduling, Web Portals and many other solutions for uniquely targeted scenarios.

Molecular Diagnostics

 If you are performing Molecular Diagnostics (or plan to in the future), you need an LIS Vendor that speaks your language and can interface with your instrumentation. Our interfaces understand ELISA, Standard Curves, Drug Response Curves and Regression. We can provide those capabilities today as an automated part of the processing. 

Pathology and Histology

Software designed for regular clinical laboratories imposes limitations on sample handling and charge collection. 

Our LIS offers, Histology and Pathology sample processing enhancements.  We have created options and features that are specifically designed to address these requirements and can make them available as part of your regular clinical sample handling.


Complex workflows, Protocols & Procedures

CLIN1 offers a  comprehensive application built for Toxicology Laboratories to work with the LIS 

Offering Complete Lab System Integration

Preliminary Tox Reports Prescreens & Screens

Auto-populate correlation language  


Interface with Ease

Processes, Review, Certify and Release by Plate, Batch or sample