Ruth Anne, Grand Island Clinic

 “FIVE STARS! CSS is a logical, simple to learn and use system with customizable features. In addition, they're considerate of customer suggestions towards improvement. Of all the computer systems we use, it is by far our favorite. The tech support is unbeatable with their responsive and personable assistance. When calling, you immediately talk to a knowledgeable person instead of getting transferred. Throughout the years we've talked to the same people, so it feels as if you're calling your friend, and they treat you like one as well. 

We've used CSS for over 20 years and still love it!” 

Katie W, A|L Laboratory


The CLIN1 software is easy to learn and navigate. They provide clear cut instructions, to include pictures when possible, to help navigate you through common questions you may encounter. 

My facility brought on two new instruments at the same time, Erin and Michelle came out to help us get the interfaces set up, ensure data was transferring accurately, and all other troubleshooting. Not only did they make the process pain free, but they also took the time to tell us what they were doing and why.  

While these other parts are great, frankly the best part of CLIN1 are their employees. Their software wouldn’t be as user friendly as it is if they didn’t care about their customers. They listen to the feed back you give them, things you’d like to be able to do with the software, and so on.  I have called with problems that do not have a clear resolution. I may start with one individual, once they have exhausted all their thoughts, they will consult another member of the staff for their wisdom. I might not have an answer the exact minute I call/email, but I can assure you a resolution will be found within a reasonable time frame. They are patient yet determined, they are each brilliant independently but willing to consult with their colleagues.

Thank you to all CLIN1 for being who you are, being willing to listen to your customer, and working to make your product work for us.

Johnny Luman, Sabine County Hospital

“While working with CSS, I would have to say the support I/we received from all the CSS support team, on the rare occasion we needed it, was the best I have experienced (31yrs.). The technician on the phone was always cheerful, understanding and listened to the problem being experienced. The problem was always solved or answered in a timely and in a very positive manner. They treated us as if we were their very best customer.” 

John Clark, Schleicher County Medical Center

“I have worked with other LIS companies to include Labdaq, CPSI, HMS and Meditech and I can honestly say that learning your system was comparable to learning the others. However, the biggest difference between CSS and the others is the degree of support that I have received. When I was unsure how to use the system or make changes to the existing system you and your staff were always willing to help. I have not seen that with the other companies. Making changes with other systems was like pulling teeth. In addition, the user’s manual in PDF format is perhaps the easiest one I have found. It has been able to answer many of my questions without having to contact CSS. I especially like the “lack of resistance” in making changes to the existing system. When I dealt with CPSI or Labdaq, it would require submitting requests in writing and often additional expense. In each case, both of the companies tried to dissuade me from making any changes. With CSS, the opposite was true. When I needed something changed, your staff was most accommodating. There is a learning curve when exposed to any new software system. How easy we deal with the learning curve is directly dependent on the support from the parent company. This is where you excel. Thank you so much for your continued support.” 

Jeanne Mahoney, Center for TOX Services, Inc

“Clinical Software Solutions custom designed and installed the amazing software I use at my toxicology laboratory. Our work at the lab is very specific and specialized; Bryan understood how to implement a system that seamlessly works with my lab. When our IT consultant left unexpectedly, Clinical Software was able to step in and keep us operational without glitches. Bryan and Elaine are responsive, knowledgeable and dedicated.

 I trust them without reservation.” 

Sharlene Casper, Kimble Hospital

"Who can say they just had a great week moving computers and LIS to a new facility and interfacing 3 new instruments? We even recycled all our current cable lines, so no new cable had to be purchased. Saves the landfield. Er did a fantastic job!!!! We even had a chance to tweak a few things to make things easier. We love our system. We now have order entry set up for ER, Nursing, and Admissions for outpatients in both lab and xray. This generates a log of who, what, and when orders are made. A great tool. All saying, we have chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, blood gases, coag, and microbiology all interfaced into our system. 

Thank you, Ernie, Elaine, and Bryan for a great product!!! 

Kimble Hospital has been with Clinical Software Solutions for 12 years!!!!!" 


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