Client | Patient | Customer Service Portals


Empower your Clients

Remote Submission  

Clients and customers can submit samples directly to the lab system

Reduce the amount of time the lab spends on data entry 

Allowing the lab to anticipate daily workloads

Sample Tracking

Offer your clients the ability to track the status of their samples.

Users can be informed of sample issues as soon as they access the portal and track issues with the Rejected Sample Report.


Automatically get results to your clients.

Fast resulting gives them the chance to offer better patient care with instant access to results


Fast & Efficient

Utilize technology to improve lab productivity

Develop better communication with clients

Better patient care with instant access to Results

Improve laboratory Turn-Around-Time


CLIN1 Portals

All CLIN1 products offer a clear audit trail with Event Logging

Improve workplace transparency with Event Logs.

Track updates and changes made to the system, samples and patients 

As well as, user access and actions


Ask About Our Client Services Portal

CLIN1 designed this software with assistance from  Client Service techs

Client Record Management for your Laboratory customers

Centralized web-based solution for customer support & manager staff

Track customer contacts such as phone calls

Log customer activity and events related to contracts or representatives 

Manage Sample Issues (i.e. Tests Not Performed, Missing Insurance, etc.)

Dashboard view  to track samples, orders and issues - By Client or All