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Healthcare Information Management Solutions

Healthcare Information Management Solutions Healthcare Information Management Solutions

 Customizable Solutions for the Healthcare Community


The CLIN1 team is available to assist your lab & medical facility as you rally together for your communities.

Let us show you how our software can maximize the efficiency of your lab

by helping to manage patient orders through analytical review to final result delivery. 

Don't just gather data, use it to grow your business and stay a top performer.

Need to add a Mobile Phlebotomy team?  We can automate order scheduling, draw logging, and sample check-in efforts.

CLIN1 is here to help with your growing needs surrounding COVID-19

CLIN1 Tech Team  

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Experience the Difference

If you've experienced Forum Support, you'll appreciate REAL technical support.  We have THE BEST technical support in the industry. 24x7 Technical Support. Less than 1hr call-back better than 90% of the time. We are advocates for our users and try to eliminate "finger pointing". Support Staff that know your applications at your facility. Training that fits your staff and your facility. Customizations available for when "off the rack" isn't quite right.


Free Consultation - Solutions for the Healthcare Community

Our CLIN1 Suite of healthcare software products encompasses Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, as well as other unique client needs. We have experience developing solutions for use in Healthcare, Manufacturing, & Aerospace. Initial consults are always FREE, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Specialized Training

 We can provide specialized training for a variety of technical topics and scenarios Including HL7 Interfaces, protocol conversions, custom interfaces and  application development approaches. 

We can tailor any training to your company's needs 

  • Remote Training 
  • Onsite Training
  • Video Tutorials / Training
  • User Guides & FAQ documents

Experience CLIN1


Important Features

Single Database Server: All of our components utilize the same (identical) SQL Server. If you already have ONE of our applications running, then you already have the SQL Database Server and your Server Hardware for ALL of our applications. That's one less thing to have to purchase as you grow your IT Infrastructure and Resources. Get rid of those extra servers and save yourself some electricity (and headaches). Since YOU own YOUR data, you never have to worry about how it's being used. You can't really say that about "HOSTED" systems.

Windows Server Technology: Tired of searching for technical staff with non-mainstream or esoteric experience requirements to man your IT department? Tired of searching and paying premium prices for software that will run on an oddball steam-driven operating system? Our systems all run on native Windows Server and Windows Desktop environments; available just about everywhere. Most of our applications are "VMWare Friendly", allowing you to utilize Virtualization for even greater savings (and added security through very easy and inexpensive system redundancy).

Integrated; Not Interfaced: All of our components are designed to work together. They weren't purchased from some other company and shoe-horned into our client's environment to "sort of" fill a need. They were designed and written by us to be integrated seamlessly into our environment and to compliment our other components and resources. No interface related "finger pointing"; it just works.

Knowledgeable Staff: Because we develop all of our own applications internally, you'll get answers to your questions quickly and definitively; without waiting to hear back from some expert in Munich or Sydney. All of our trainers and support staff live and work in the United States; it matters.

Real Technical Support Staff: While we are utilizing technology and social media pathways more and more, the majority of our technical support is provided by real people that know and understand our applications and your facility and that reside within the Western Hemisphere. We have a better than 90% 1 hour callback rate. You'll get answers when you need them and not have to spend your time sifting through a "support forum" and hoping that someone has posted a reply. We can also provide training via remote access or online training sessions, so your new-hires can be brought up-to-speed quickly.


Tailored Software Solutions

We can provide laboratory information systems and other healthcare related software solutions for a wide variety of clinical and research scenarios.  Contact us today and request a free consultation and proposal specific for your facility's needs.  Have a unique situation to address?  Ask us about a "Proof of Concept" designed to meet your exact needs and specifications.


Patient & Client Web Portal

Web portals can be configured to provide the services you choose to provide your clients and/or your patients. Tailored to work with your facility to provide you with maximum benefit. 

  • Are my lab results ready yet?
  • Are you currently taking new patients?
  • Could you verify my medications and associated dose schedules?

Will a Web Portal get rid of all those phone calls? Absolutely not. But as more and more people "get connected", more and more will utilize that pathway if it is available to them.

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