The Most Flexible System Available


A scheduling system designed to allow the same flexibility and capability as the ledger book with all of your Post-It Notes and blocked out areas.

That's exactly what this system allows you to do; and much much more. If you are dealing with a scheduling nightmare and haven't been impressed with the "scheduling software" out there, let us show you what we can do for you.

Track Resources

Schedule coordinates automatically across patients and resources, detecting collisions or conflicts at either end. Automatically checks resource availability with respect to department or individual availability schedule.

Patient "check-in" and "patient waiting" alerts incorporated to allow front desk to alert clinical staff in treatment areas automatically.

Department Specific Behaviors

For departments like Laboratory and Imaging, scheduled events can be treated as "orders" and can trigger creation of accessioned samples and trigger charges appropriately.

Surgery can create short "questionnaires" that allow for specification of Anesthesiologist, Procedure, and Surgical Room.

Behavioral Health can document encounter specifics, crisis calls, interventions, aliases, etc.

Time Management

No more lost ledger books. 

Allow multiple users to review and edit the schedule at the same time. 

Check availability from any department

 at any time. 

Audit Trails

Who did what, from where and when. Drag-and-drop appointment changes, even across users. Automatic conflict detection and alerts. Reserve/Block-Off times at will and as needed. Define individual schedules for every day of the week or define department wide availability. 


  Procedure Rooms, CT, Ultrasound, 

Day Surgery, Interview Rooms

Anything that has to have "coordinated access" across multiple users or groups of users.