CLIN1 Toxicology Result Review

Advanced toxicology software  built to enhance your process.

See the whole picture - Review medications and patient history while reviewing screen & confirmation results.  

Interfaces Available to Improve Throughput

Whether you just do screening assays, confirmatory assays or a full compliment of both, we have work-flow, handling, interfaces, review/release routines and statistical routines to help ease the daily grind thru a heavy sample workload. We interface to all of the common screening analyzers AND confirmatory analyzers (HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, etc). Not all laboratory systems can interface with common toxicology cnfirmatory analyzers. Make sure you ask!  

Client Specific Drug Panels

 Our CLIN1 Toxicology Solution allows for the creation of "Default" Client Specific Drug Panels. This greatly improves the accessioning step and helps relieve one of the common bottle-necks in sample handling. When combined with our Web Portal functionality, we can improve processing times even further. 

Beautiful, Functional, and Readable Reports

Have a special report format that your clients really like (or would if your current LIS could generate it)? We can create a custom report to fit just about any specification or requirement. If you can define it, we can either generate it or come very very VERY close. Need help designing a report? We've been generating customized reports for over 20 years. We probably have some suggestions that could help. 

Toxicology Options

Medication Correlation Language

Our LIS will populate the appropriate Medication Correlation Language  based on patient results and the patient's prescribed medication.

Sample Flagging

Flag samples for secondary or director review. 

Test specimen validity and automatically flag samples for review or for rejection

Secondary Review

Techs can mark samples for a secondary review 

System can be configured to require secondary review for all samples

Result Review

Review samples by Batch

Review Samples by lab specific Protocols

Track and review repeat analysis


Process plates with Standards, Patient Samples and Controls in any configuration.  Accurate Charge Processors for G0480, G0481, G0482, G0483 Codes, 

AutoRelease Options

 Ability to automatically release results that meet specific criteria