​ Lab Information Systems


Laboratory Software for Every Environment

Function Based Technology
EHR Direct Connect to Analyzers
Pathology and Histology Options
Molecular Diagnostics

Toxicology Enhancements

A Variety of Laboratory Software Tools

Quality Control Software


 ​Unlimited Controls
Unlimited Control Levels
Levy-Jennings Plots On Demand
Linearity Tracking and Plotting
Support for Westgard Rules
Manual Data Entry or Device Interfaces
Six Sigma Support for the Laboratory 



 We have a long list of functions and capabilities for Toxicology Laboratories. 

Interface and process screening  & confirmatory

Medication Correlation Language | Tox Med Rules 

Client  and/or  State Specific Drug Panels

Manage & Review Repeat Data 

Auto-Release Options

Unique Solutions


 We offer unique laboratory options for specialized labs, procedures & processes.

Multiwell Processors

Proprietary Processes

Research & Data Manipulation 

Radiology Information System


   ​Allow Off-Site Users Secure Access Supports Bundling - Simplifies Ordering Multi-Modality Oversite Scheduling and Statistics Integrated with Medical Transcription Built in CPOE Capability   

Scheduling | Task Management


Most Flexible System Available Full audit trail for all events Track Any Resource - Staff and Assets Track Department Specific Behaviors Track No-Shows & Cancellations ​Track Across multiple departments 

Pharmacy Information System


  Patient / Medication Barcode Solutions Electronic Medication Orders and Review Automatically Generates Medication Schedules  Pharmacy Intervention Tracking Interface with Pyxis and Omnicell Dispensing   

HL7 Tools and Interfaces


Our HL7 Interfaces:

Decrease "data entry" burden

Decrease the number of typographical errors

Automate and speed communications

Routines configured for YOUR Database schema

Web Portal


Client and Patient Web Portals 

Designed to empower your clients and patients 

Clients / patients responsible for data entry

Offer patients and clients better, faster and more reliable results