Pharmacy Information System


Productivity & Safety

Our Pharmacy Information System will help you modernize your operations, improve patient safety and medication charge collection without increasing manpower requirements. 

CLIN1 Pharmacy allows you to do more with the same resources. 


Tracking & Documentation

Let us help you with your documentation, whether it be repackaging, medication order review, interactions or pharmacist interventions. Don't put your facility or yourself at risk. 


Reduce Errors

 Makes life easier on your nursing staff and helps reduce medication errors by automatically generating a complete Medication Profile and Medication Administration Record for all patients. 

Pharmacy Interventions


Control & Prevent Medication and Order Related Issues

In order to understand how and where your medication and medication order related issues are coming from, you need to collect the appropriate data. Instead of using Excel or some other "general purpose" application that, while capable, still leaves a mountain of manual processing to deal with; why not use an application designed specifically to collect, process and interpret exactly what you need to be tracking.

Do you have specific scenarios that are problematic? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation. In the past 25 years of working with clinical applications and data, we've amassed a huge repertoire of expertise. Let us bring that expertise to bear on YOUR situation and help you get ahead of the data curve and gain a new understanding of what affects your workplace.

  • Document Interventions and Actions
  • Track and Help Prevent Medication Errors
  • Track and Report Adverse Events
  • Define and Require Criteria for Each Intervention Type
  • Add notations/comments to Interventions
  • Pre-define common or targeted Interventions by creating Templates
  • Compiles statistics on order changes, drug substitutions, patient allergies, etc.
  • Add cross-references by MRN/Patient, Provider, Order #, Employee and Department
  • Track Consult Status for Review (Completed, In Progress, etc.)
  • Supervisor Review with electronic signoff
  • Built in reports by date range, user, provider, department and financial impact
  • Export data in any of several formats (Excel, CSV, HTML Table, etc)
  • Single User and Multi-User Configuration available
  • Supports Single-Sign On
  • Web Portal available for easy logging of Interventions by Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Interface to In-House Formulary Available
  • Interface to Patient Demographics Available
  • Interface to EHR/EMR Available

Not Just for Pharmacy

Adverse Events and Interventions can occur in any department. Our tracking and reporting tools have applications in Nursing, Laboratory, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Respiratory Therapy and Medical Imaging.

Easy Ad Hoc Reporting Options


Supports MS SQL Reporting, Crystal Reports, PowerBuilder, Active Reports and more...

Based on the reliable Microsoft SQL Database Server, you'll not only gain control of your intervention data, but find a new level of access to help with your evaluation and management of issues, processes and adverse event data.

Stop entering data into Excel Spreadsheets and MS Word documents and leverage your efforts by logging your intervention data directly into a system that understands what it is and how it should be used.

Easy to utilize data collection screens lower barriers to data collection by requiring minimum effort from your Pharmacists, Technologists and Providers. Easy Data Entry means you'll improve the likelihood of collecting the data you need in a timely fashion, resulting in the collection of MORE DATA of HIGHER QUALITY.

Supports Unlimited Intervention and Events

You can be as "general" or "specific" as you like, assuring that you'll collect the RIGHT DATA at the RIGHT TIME and in the RIGHT FORMAT. We can support HL7, ASTM and Proprietary formats for transmission to third party applications through optional interfaces, or use our built in Export Functions to create CSV, Excel SpreadSheets and many other formats with NO PROGRAMMING and nothing else to purchase.