Radiology Info Systems

RIS Options


 Get the core Radiology Information System, Multi-Modality Scheduling with CPOE, HL7 Interface to Financials or EHR (Demographics and Charges), HL7 Interface to PACS (Orders and Interpretations) and HL7 Interface to Transcription (Orders and Interpretations)  

Scheduling and Statistics


 Track separate schedules for each modality. Allow users outside of Imaging to schedule some procedures while maintaining tight control over other procedures and modalities. Maintains statistics for order creation, procedures performed, performing technologist, ordering physician, etc. 

Coordinate & Collaborate


CLIN1-RIS provides the missing components between PACS and Transcription, coordinating orders for the different modalities and matching transcribed documents with the appropriate exams. We have several pathways and protocols available to fit every scenario; no matter how simple or sophisticated your needs are. 

Radiology Software


  • Medical Necessity and Waiver (ABN) generation
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive functional screens
  • Exam Status at a glance with colored status
  • Workload Reports and calculations
  • Turn-time and other QA Reports
  • Print to any network printer
  • View interpretations from any authorized workstation
  • HIPAA Compliant Security
  • Interfaces with all HL7 compliant PACS Systems
  • Easy manual entry for non-interfaced results
  • Many report formats available for billing logs, worksheets and reports
  • Generates patient statistics, exam statistics, modality statistics
  • Print final reports automatically and interim reports on-demand
  • Batch print patient reports by sample, department, facility, physician or patient category
  • Checkin/Track scheduled orders
  • Add unlimited number of departments, modalities, and procedures
  • Extended Demographics for tracking additional patient information
  • Export capability allows for utilization of 3rd party utilities
  • Barcode label generation standard
  • Integrates with our Enterprise Scheduling or third party schedulers via HL7 Interfaces
  • Integrates with our Transcription System or third party transcription systems via HL7 Interfaces