Embedded in our Ambulatory EHR is a full Scheduling Component that can manage all of your clinician schedules. With built in Order Communications capabilities, you can order laboratory, imaging, and other procedures right from your Electronic Superbill. Since we use your existing superbill as a template, it will look very familiar to your clinical staff, aiding the implementation and adoption process. 

EHR and Meaningful Use


Even though the Federal Government is adding "ToDo" items to your already busy schedule, there's something in it for you as well. By getting your information into an electronic medium, you'll be able to utilize that information in new ways that benefit you and your patients directly. 


  • Reminder lists for medication and labwork
  • Generate and track "Return to Work" forms
  • Generate "Vaccination Information Sheets"
  • Generate and track "Referrals"
  • Renew and Review Electronic Prescriptions

Easy Implementation


Are you or your staff apprehensive about the process of implementation? We've been doing this a long time and can share our knowledge and expertise to help make the implementation process a smooth and uneventful process.  



Our built-in multi-level security helps keep your facility HIPAA Compliant with respect to patient privacy issues, yet guarantees that information will be available when and where legitimate personnel require it. Since our EHR runs on YOUR network, you always know who has access to your patient data. 

Patient Access


  • Allow patients to review lab online
  • Allow patients to pre-register online
  • Allow patients to book appts online
  • Allow patients to opt out of HIE 

CLIN1 EHR Features

  • Ambulatory configurations starting at $10k for single provider offices.
  • We will Meet or Beat any comparable offer.
  • EASY to learn intuitive interfaces looks very similar to your paper chart.
  • Chart is accessible to multiple clinicians and staff at the same time
  • Easy and flexible electronic prescribing.
  • Identifies and prevents potential Medication Errors
  • Tracking of patient allergies
  • Unlimited Users (both Licensed and Un-Licensed) with built-in multi-level security
  • Physician Orders (CPOE)
  • Electronic Order Communications
  • Integrated with LIS for Immediate access to Lab Results
  • Integrated with Radiology Imaging for Immediate access to readings
  • Vital Signs with Automatic BMI and Patient Education Recommencations
  • Barcode enabled/capable for speed and error prevention
  • Easy to use Windows GUI Interface for Point and Click simplicity
  • Needs/Replenishment functions for integration with Materials Management
  • Charge collection and transmission functions for integration with Financials (YOUR financials or OUR financials)
  • Tracks Surgical/Procedure History
  • Tracks/suggests patient education
  • Built-in Quality Assurance functions
  • Built-in User Defined System Dictionary assures that all staff members use the same terminology for consistent documentation
  • Built-in Audit Trails for system access, chart access, and activities
  • Use with Desktop, Laptop or Tablet (touch screen) Computers
  • CLIN1-OP is an integrated component of our Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Generates PDF Documents for processing by Electronic Document Filing System.
  • HL7 Portals available for communications with other vendors/resources
  • Standards based
  • Extensive pre-populated dictionary; user modifiable.
  • ONC Stage I Certified