Laboratory Information Management Systems

The CLIN1 team understands how important the laboratory is to the healthcare world.  

We have laboratory software designed for your specific work in mind.  

We can help keep your laboratory successful with the functionality needed to be organized and efficient doing your daily tasks.   And, our solution incorporates the best quality control and quality assurance tools!

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What We Offer

We offer software and services to make your laboratory and daily work more efficient & effective. No matter what type of laboratory: independent, specialized, clinical, hospital, research, veterinary, etc -- we have the software and configuration you need to create a productive environment.  Our solutions will help you deliver the best information to your clients. 

Function-Based Technology

Using MS Windows technology, our system is easy to use and reliable.  We offer industry-standard SQL server technology that makes sure your information is both secure and accessible when you need it.  Analyzer & other interface components help you kepp your productivity up and your costs down.  Our solutions and services are designed to scale with your business needs. 

Billing Reporting

CLIN1 offers quick and easy billing report generation to ensure every charge associated with your resulting work is tracked and can be posted to your billing system.  We understand that you need to get paid in a timely and accurate manner, and we do what we can to make sure you have access to the information you need. 

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics can be an intimidating part of your laboratory work, so you need an LIS vendor who can help you.  We understand this process and can provide interfaces to comprehend the ELISA, standard curves, regression, and drug response curves and other information available for automation. 

Pathology and Histology

 Looking for a laboratory system that can handle clinical as well as histology and pathology sample processing?  Our system has features and options specifically designed to address these aspects for your lab.  We offer software designed for the standard clinical laboratories but understand that many of you provide your clients what they need as well. 

Why We’re Different

 Our software is full of robust functionality and features that are built for extensibility.  Our development and tools have evolved to keep our clients as productive and efficient as possible.  We not only offer cohesive software solutions but also provide just what you need using standalone software for quality control, quality assurance, and specialized information processors to name just a few of these options.

We've been providing laboratory information systems since 1987, and we're confident that we can help you and your lab deliver what your clients and providers need.  We genuinely care about your success and work hard for your business.

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 CLIN1 Laboratory is software designed for every environment.  Find out how we can provide your laboratory with Useable, Dependable, and Function Based Technology.  

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