INTRODUCING Web Based QC Software

Easy Web-Based Access

Unlimited Controls & Analytes

Track Qualitative/Quantitative Items 

LJ Plot Reports On Demand

Linearity Tracking 

File Upload - File Upload/Import

Quality Assurance Tools 

Rule Options (Westgard, Nelson, Weco, AIAG, etc...)

Six Sigma Support for the Laboratory 

Laboratory Quality Control Software

CLIN1 - Laboratory Quality Control

  • Unlimited Controls and Levels
  • Track Multiple Lots and Expiration Dates
  • Retains unlimited Lots for Each Control
  • Archive Results without deleting 
  • No Practical Limits on data retention
  • Unlimited Analytes per Control
  • Generate Month End Reports with Levey-Jennings Plots and Notations
  • Electronic Review and Signoff of QC 
  • Multiple Analyte Plots Per Page
  • US or UK Date Format configurable
  • No Control Type or Vendor limitation 
  • Local Server or Web based options


Quality Control

QC Flexibility

QC Flexibility

QC Flexibility


Complete flexible Quality Control System for Laboratories. Can be installed On-Site or Hosted via Web Services.  Our QC can be configured to operate with our  CLIN1-LIS or can be run as a Stand-Alone Quality Control System. CLIN1 QC software is included with our CLIN1-LIS software or it can be can be configured to operate as a stand-alone 

Quality Control system.  Make life easier - Upgrade your laboratory QC

IQCP Ready

QC Flexibility

QC Flexibility


When you are ready to implement IQCP (CMMS Individualized Quality Control Program), our QC Package has the tools and capabilities to make that easier. Quality Assurance and Document Scanning capabilities allow for tracking of policies and procedures as well as vendor and other third party documents.  Intuitive software making it easier for medical laboratory technicians to focus on important tasks.

Easy to Use

QC Flexibility

Easy to Use


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’s) own data from laboratory inspections show that as many as 5% to 10% of laboratories are deficient in QC practices.

If you need help managing Quality Control data for your laboratory, you are not alone. We have QC packages to suit any size laboratory. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help. 

Reports & Charts

Laboratory Month End Reports

Levey-Jennings Plots

Standard Curve

Linearity Plots Measured Results 

Multiple Analyzer Plots

Multiple Control Overlay Plots

Rule options:  Westgard (6 Options),  Nelson Rules,  Western Electric, Montgomery Rules, HealthCare Rules,  Automotive Industry Action Group  (AIAG) Rules

Is there a report or chart you want to see? CLIN1 is alway open to suggestions


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Our Laboratory Quality Control Software will allow you to track and manage all of your controls and analytes; unlimited controls and unlimited levels. Do you like to keep your QC Data Forever? CLIN1 QC will allow you to do just that. 

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